About PVC


Vince from Preview Vegas CondosHi there from beautiful, sunny and warm Las Vegas! I gotta tell you, life here is like paradise, with all those casinos, entertainment, shows, theme parks and top notch hotels. I just love it here.

Now, you are probably wondering: Who am I and how on earth can I manage to make a living in this expensive city that most people only dream of living in permanently?

Well, about four years ago, I became so terribly bored with my day job in Manhattan. I worked as a real estate agent, but the whole market more or less crashed, you know the story. It all started with the Lehman Brothers disaster. Anyway, I found it more and more difficult to sell condos over there or to meet any new prospects at all.

This is why I eventually decided to make a move and try my luck in Nevada’s real estate market, or to be more precise: Las Vegas. My brother got me hooked with one of the biggest and most renowned realtors here and from day one, I could feel such a different atmosphere as compared to New York. Everyone seemed more enthusiastic and within my first three months, I sold five condos.

Long story short, I make so many sales now and have so much money and free time that I thought I want to give something back and motivate other people to do the same step as me and just try out new things. You don’t necessarily need to be a realtor like me to make some change that pays off in your life. Maybe you are a surgeon or a lawyer – whatever situation you are right now, with Preview Vegas Condos I strive to start make you think about the endless possibilities there are to make you and your business grow.

My name is Vince and I want to tell you that I’m super happy to have you here!