How to Use Gold Coast Business Solar Panels for Tax reduction


Let us face it electricity is getting expensive but also it is difficult to run any commercial business without power. Honestly, it will be as expensive as maintenance cost will rise. Another disadvantage is you will still pay for the bills throughout the years you will be in the business.

If you have your own business grounds or maybe you have a long term lease site, installing a solar panel might make and save you money on your business’s electrical bills. Putting in mind the current government tax reduction your can have the chance to claim the complete investment in your yearly tax.

Reasons to Install Solar Panels on Your Commercial Building;
Because the (Return On Investment) for a commercial system is a high. The Paybacks are typically 2 – 3 years and the cashflow positive, no matter the system size, after a period of time the investment is offering free power for up to twenty five years.

Indeed, most of the Gold Coast panel systems show a positive cash flow from the first day on no deposit of money. Why should you continue to pay dead cash to your power retailer instead of setting up an investment that can save you a good amount of money in several years.

Gold Coast Commercial installations also receive the generous government rebates as the households do, they also benefit from the capability to depreciate the solar system to offer more tax advantages and also to claim more inputs.
Savings Guarantee on Solar panel
All the savings that Gold Coast offers are 100% guaranteed. In case the guarantee isn’t fullfiled, we carry out more work free of charge; also we could choose to refund enough money of the project to ensure guarantee payback is met.

We provide a free, no obligation power efficiency audit to establish how much you are able to save. Contact us today and arrange for free energy audit allowing you to start saving energy and the cost incurred.

3 Things I Don’t Like About Solar Battery Storage


When talk about solar battery storage is going on, words like revolutionizing, saving and even cheap are the first you will be guaranteed of hearing. Truthfully there are some basic advantages that come with it but with all the praise that has come with solar battery, no one seems to speak of its down side. However with little speech there are some things that are really not worth solar battery storage from a personal view. In this case here are the main 3 things I don’t like about solar battery storage.

Not economically cheaper

solar power potential graph

Although prices of solar panels seem to be constantly going down and price of electricity seemingly going up every year, it hasn’t reached a place where I could say I’m saving. This is for the simple reason that installation of solar panels, in addition to the solar panels price itself is extremely high. Depending on initial costs, it can take up to 10-15 years just to break even.

Specific orientation of solar battery storage

After being considerably expensive that normal electricity, the one thing that tops in my list of 3 things I don’t like about solar battery storage is having to install in a certain way. In case you place it upright or in an angle that is not recommended there would not be sufficient power collection. You can ask your local commercial solar panels expert and he will tell you the same. Meaning that enough solar energy will not be stored leading to insufficient energy in home, making the whole investment pointless.

Weather dependent

With all the commendation about how reliable solar battery storage is for decades, no one ever tells you that that depends on weather. With this little detail being let out, this definitely makes it in my list of 3 things I don’t like about solar battery storage, as it’s technically a rip off. If you live in sunny areas then you have nothing to worry about. However if you live in cloudy and rainy weather temperatures, then you will get less than you use on a daily basis. This is already with the fact that solar energy cannot be collected and stored during the night.