Homes for Sale in Northern Utah – A Market Update


empty home in northern utahBuying Utah Real Estate is still a very stable long term investment. The population of Utah is growing, and people will always need a place to live. There are some ways wherein you can profit out of the property. The best time to buy a property is when the market prices are down, and there is a surplus of real estate for sale.

Utah currently is in a situation like this, with literally hundreds of nice homes for sale in Northern Utah alone. That makes it really a buyers market in areas like Salt Lake, the Ogden Valley, and especially Utah Valley. Land, homes, and condos all have surpluses right now. About 15% of the properties for sale are short sales; properties for sale that require bank approval because the current owners owe more than they can sell the properties for.

If you want to invest on these properties for sale, then this is your best time to look at the listings and prices. Statistically, home sales in UT are down by 25%, which is quite low compared with the past year. Prices along most of the Wasatch Front are expected to drop a little bit more, however, by 2009 the properties prices in Cache Valley sale are expected to rise slightly. If you look at the listing, about 15% of the properties like land, homes, and condos are under short sales category.

Nearly every local Northern Utah market has excess inventory for sale. It is a buyers market in Utah. You can also browse through the properties under foreclosures in Ogden Valley, Utah Valley, Salt Lake, Cache Valley, etc. If you are ready to start looking for Utah real estate for sale, the best place to go is online and you will get best search features and all the active listings in Northern Utah. You can buy homes, land, condos now, convert it into a renting property to profit, and gain back your capital.