Why Last Vegas is the best place for a realtor in the US


real estate market in las vegas

I discussed that topic countless of times with my friends. Sometimes on the phone while driving to work, sometimes face to face in the pub after work. The question that every realtor in the US asks himself at one point or another:

What is the best place or city to work at as a real estate agent in the United States?

There are two things to consider here. First, it’s important that the place you choose to work has a lot of potential in terms of market growth and people willing to buy a new house, apartment or condominium. Now, we all know that since the whole real estate market crashed in 2009, this country has gone through extremely difficult times. I have been working for more than twelve years at one of the biggest estate agencies in Manhattan, NYC, and I really know from my own experience how important it is to watch out for market trends in this industry.

So I decided to move to Las Vegas and from the first day, I had the feeling that this is simply the best place for any realtor to work in. Why? Because people have money in this city. They are not just the dreamers like the ones in New York, but people here have made it and they are ready to buy and enjoy their lives. You meet more millionaires in Vegas than anywhere else in the country, believe me.

But it’s not just about the possibility to become successful and to sell a lot of apartments every month. You also need to look at the quality of life when you decide where to work at as a realtor. And again, Las Vegas is such an amazing place. Especially if you are single. You can enjoy your life like in no other place, with superb accommodation, world class food and beautiful women on every street corner.

Many of my friends disagree but I tell you they are just jealous because I have made it here and they are still stuck in their little town in countryside Alabama or whatever, where no one is buying. Maybe I should just invite them to my office one day and give them the opportunity to work here for a couple of months. I’m convinced they want to join me as a realtor here in Las Vegas and start living life to the fullest.